Be Like This Dude

By Skyler Zarndt MS, ATC, RSCC


So for anyone that has been living under a rock, the man featured today is the one-and-only Ken Bone.

Ken Bone was the star of the 2nd Presidential Debate, and regardless of your political leanings, he was the clear winner.

But why?

It’s not like he asked some super hard hitting question that left both candidates confused and befuddled.  He asked a generic question about energy policy.  Sweet.

But clearly, he’s a sensation.

And I think it’s because, in a confusing time surrounded by so much negativity, so much ego, so much corruption, Ken Bone comes across as 100%…


I clearly don’t know this man.  America really doesn’t know this man.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t all learn something from him.

He seems genuine.  He seems like a nice guy.  And he seems authentic.

Authenticity is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit, and it seems simple to just “be yourself.”  But I think we miss the boat when it comes to what it truly means to be authentic.

I don’t think it means being 100% honest with every emotion that churns within us.  I KNOW it doesn’t mean acting in accordance with how you “should” be acting or how someone wants you to act.

I feel that it means being vulnerable.  Leaving your ego at the door.  Not being afraid to take risks (but since risks are by definition scary, being afraid and doing it anyways). Being committed to yourself and whatever path you are following.  Loving yourself and loving others, without fail.

Or rocking your red sweater from Kohl’s on national TV and killing it.

That’s being authentic.


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