Meet Skyler Zarndt

Skyler Zarndt is a strength and conditioning coach with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.  He specializes is injury prevention, strength and power development, postural screening, and corrective exercises.

Skyler studied Athletic Training at the University of Iowa, where he had experience working with a host of Big 10 sports.  After graduating in 2008, he was the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach/Assistant Athletic Trainer with Bradley University.  He returned to the University of Iowa in 2010 to pursue his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.  While in graduate school, Skyler was an Athletic Trainer teacher’s assistant, while he also worked as a personal trainer at one of Iowa City’s premier health clubs.

In conjunction with two degrees in exercise science, Skyler also holds certifications in Functional Movement Screening (Level 2), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS, A Course), Postural Restoration Institute Myokinematic Restoration and Postural Respiration (PRI), Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), Primal Speed, and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

Skyler’s ideas on strength and conditioning are simple: Do no harm, train the ENTIRE athlete, and provide an exceptional experience for athletes whenever they step in the weight room.

Skyler 1


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