Conditioning for Baseball: Part 2

By Skyler Zarndt MS, ATC, CSCS IF YOU WANT TO BE FAST, YOU MUST TRAIN FAST… Sometimes… Yesterday we discussed how training the aerobic energy system would be beneficial for baseball.  And not just baseball, for almost any sport.  Many people would argue that “if you train slow, you’ll be slow.”  To which I’d reply… Continue reading Conditioning for Baseball: Part 2

What is “Functional” Training: Part 2

Now that we’ve discussed and defined what “functional” training is and is not, we can move into some specifics of our training program.  In Part 2, I’d like to discuss how we can train “functionally,” in a more pure sense of the definition. So first, lets recap the highlights from Part 1: “Functional” training is NOT about… Continue reading What is “Functional” Training: Part 2